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WE PURSUE complex challenges to provide an environmental legal vision that is both preventive and strategic, as well as focused on crisis management in the execution of investment projects, assessing risks and suggesting innovative solution alternatives.



WE UNDERSTAND the complexity of mining, generation and power transmission, agro-industrial, forestry, infrastructure and sanitation projects, among others, and their necessary compatibility with natural resources and communities.

WE OFFER analyses with insights that allow achieving effective outcomes for the development and operational continuity of the industry, strengthening long-term interdisciplinary relationships with our clients.



Our firm offers legal and strategic advice on the assessment, development and modification of investment projects by providing opinions and carrying out risk analyses to make decisions, and on the elaboration and filing of environmental authorizations before the Service of Environmental Impact Assessment (SEIA). Our team is significantly experienced in preventive legal environmental audits carried out at different facilities from investment projects, identifying risks and non-conformities in facilities and processes, suggesting courses of action that enable the industry to continue operating.

Furthermore, we offer environmental legal advice in connection to administrative sanctioning procedures ordered by the Superintendency of the Environment (SMA) through the ellaboration of compliance programs and discharges to decisions made by the administrative body. The firm also provides defence before Environmental Courts and in relation to claims for environmental damages.