Our firm is experienced in the power transmission market and deeply involved in the development of these type of projects, as well as in international biddings processes, contract negotiations and financing related matters. We have also given advice on different bills of law, tariff processes and other highly complex regulatory matters, being in permanent contact with sectorial authorities.


Pruzzo, Ruscica y Brotfeld Abogados is a leading firm with expertise in the process of obtaining mining concessions, granting mining easements, sectorial permits, as well as in providing consultancy services on mining agreements, including their elaboration and review.


Our lawyers provide advice to different companies in connection to all type of corporate matters and to boards of directors from both public and privately held companies. We are also experienced in acting before the Superintendency of Securities and Insurance (currently, Commission for the Financial Market) for company registration and incorporation, issuance of bonds and other related issues.

Our firm has also been involved in a variety of asset and company acquisitions, under complex business structures, both in Chile and abroad.


Our team provides advice on the obtainment of maritime concessions, as well as their renewal, modification and transfer.

Furthermore, our lawyers provide strategic advice about administrative procedures carried out before Coastal Regional Commissions (Comisiones Regionales del Uso del Borde Costero), as well as on the elaboration of due diligence reports on the subject.


Pruzzo, Ruscica y Brotfeld Abogados provide advice to its clients about the compatibility, feasibility and sustainability involving investment projects and native and autochthonous species present in a specific area. Our firm is also highly experienced in the preparation of reports and legal opinions about the complex interaction between this specific practice area and electric regulations, and other areas of the law.


Our firm offers legal and strategic advice on the assessment, development and modification of investment projects by providing opinions and carrying out risk analyses to make decisions, and on the elaboration and filing of environmental authorizations before the Service of Environmental Impact Assessment (SEIA). Our team is significantly experienced in preventive legal environmental audits carried out at different facilities from investment projects, identifying risks and non-conformities in facilities and processes, suggesting courses of action that enable the industry to continue operating.

Furthermore, we offer environmental legal advice in connection to administrative sanctioning procedures ordered by the Superintendency of the Environment (SMA) through the ellaboration of compliance programs and discharges to decisions made by the administrative body. The firm also provides defence before Environmental Courts and in relation to claims for environmental damages.


Our firm advise clients on the obtainment and modification of water rights and in connection to their regularization. Our lawyers are also involved in the obtainment of sectorial permits and the administrative and judicial defence of clients facing decisions issued by the General Water Direction. Furthermore, our firm is greatly experienced and has considerable knowledge on desalination projects, combining in this subject its expertise in environment, mining law and maritime concessions.


Our experienced team of lawyers provides guidance in the elaboration and revision of EPC, BOOT, O&M and other agreements about different relevant areas related to infrastructure, successfully contributing in contract negotiations within competitive bidding processes to for the acquisition of these kind of projects.


We advise our clients on the elaboration of defences and discharges to decisions in connection to regulatory matters involving sanctioning procedures ordered by the authorities, as well as on the preparation of these  discharges and reconsideration of sanctions in administrative summary proceedings and in other proceedings to obtain sectorial permits.


Our firm grants advice to clients in all matters related to the agro-industry, developing and suggesting solution strategies that allow ensuring the operational continuity of processes.

We have experience in risk identification in facilities and processes, focusing on the relevant actions to obtain, modify and regularise environmental and sectorial permits, and also in matters related to handling and final disposition of liquid industrial wastes.

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